The FACE Music Mela started in 2014 and has since become one of the largest music festivals of Pakistan with a footfall of 20,000 attendees, hosting an average of 25-30 performance acts spread out over 3 days as well as workshops, presentations, panel discussions, and exchange programs. Besides curating the best music acts from all the diverse music genres and regions of Pakistan, every year Music Mela also features a number of international acts and collaborative fusion.

For the first three years Music Mela was supported by grant from PUAN (Pak US Alumni Network) and the US Embassy in Islamabad, and is now an independent self-sustaining project.

FACE Music Mela has played a significant role in providing a boost to the live performance music industry of Pakistan in promoting talented musicians from rural and urban areas and connecting them to a wider audience and a global industry.


The FACE Film Festival started in 2015 is a two-day film screening of national and international features, short films, animations and documentaries – complimented by presentations, Q&A sessions, discussions and workshops.

The FACE Film Festival promotes a humanistic and pluralistic vision of Pakistan and the world through film, and provides an expanding platform for deserving filmmakers and producers to excel in their art.


We believe the life of the universe, humanity and the individual to be a dance, and FACE Dance Mela promotes the expression of this dance. The festival includes classical, folk and contemporary dance performances from Pakistan and the world as well as presentations and workshops. The time has come to let go and dance!


Qawali music of Pakistan achieved a world status through the genius of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan as well as Sabri Brothers, Aziz Mian, Munshi Razziuddin & Manzoor Niazi, Bakshi Salamat and others. Though this form of Sufi devotional music originated in the 13th Century, in the time of Amir Khusrau, the great musician, poet, philosopher, mystic of the Chishti Sufi order, it only reached fame in the modern world as recent as 30 years ago. The hypnotic pumping rhythms of Qawali music and the virtuosity of the musicians elucidate a fascinating poetic tradition of universal humanist import.


The idea of FACE Food fest is to create a wholesome platform for people who love the good things in life by celebrating the varied cuisine of Pakistan and the wider world, all prepared with care and love. Food connoisseurs and audiences will also get a chance to participate in some of the several live cooking sessions happening around the festival by both established chiefs and talented street vendors. The FACE Food Festival includes cooking competitions and workshops; presentations on permaculture and sustainable farming; organic farmers’ market; as well as live-music entertainment.