Apart from festivals FACE has curated concert performances of the following acts from Pakistan:

ConcertIn collaboration with
G-3 Guitar concert - 2004Concert by FACE
Lost in the 60-s – 2005Concert by FACE
Irtash – 2010Concert by FACE
Sufi night – 2011Concert by FACE
Dhol night – 2011Concert by FACE
Qayaas – Album launch 2011Concert by FACE
Simt – 2011Concert by FACE
Coven – 2011Concert by FACE
Arieb Azhar – Daniel Pearl Day 2012U.S. Embassy Islamabad
Malang Party – 2012Concert by FACE
Noori – Album launch 2012Concert by FACE
Khumariyaan – 2014Concert by FACE
Red Blood Cat – 2015U.S. Embassy Islamabad
Sounds of Kolachi – 2015U.S. Embassy Islamabad
Zoe Viccaji – 2015U.S. Embassy Islamabad
Sketches – 2015U.S. Embassy Islamabad
Qawalistan – 2016Concert by FACE

FACE has also organized concerts and tours of the following foreign artists, including collaborations with local artists, workshops in educational institutions and handling complete tour itinerary:

ConcertIn collaboration with
Ari Roland Jazz Quartet – 2012, 2015U.S. Embassy Islamabad
Blended 328 – 2013U.S. Embassy Islamabad
Stooges – 2012 U.S. Embassy Islamabad
Grupo Fantasma – 2016The Humpty Dumpty Institute
Mary McBride – 2015The Humpty Dumpty Institute
Grace McLean – 2015The Humpty Dumpty Institute
Maria Pomianowska – 2015Embassy of Poland in Pakistan
Amie Maciszewski – 2016U.S. Embassy Islamabad
Karolina Cicha – 2014 & 2016Embassy of Poland in Pakistan


  • Guitar workshops

  • Drum and percussion workshops

  • Vocal training workshops

  • Art management and digital marketing

  • Children’s art

  • Photography

  • Fashion and design

  • House farming

  • Permaculture

  • Dance and movement

  • Theatre

  • Painting

  • Creative writing


  • Art exhibitions

  • Vintage cars

  • Dance

  • Theatre

  • Stand-up comedy

  • Fashion


  • Cultural exchange

  • Sufi poetry

  • Cultural heritage and diversity

  • Successful music projects

  • Music marketing

  • Royalties and copyright

  • Music pedagogy

FACE Fridays (The Jams)

The founder of FACE, Zeejah Fazli, was among the pioneers of an underground movement of free-music expression in Islamabad called the Sweet Leaf City Jam – started in 2004 in which artists of various origins and nationalities converged to play music without an agenda in a public space. The greatest achievement of these events was the recognition and promotion of the underground talent of Islamabad, from which a lot of new talent gained its impetus.

Since its inception FACE has provided a platform for innovative jamming sessions connecting underground with mainstream and contemporary with traditional music.

We still believe that collaborative jamming sessions are the best spaces for musicians to become inspired and to release their inhibitions.

Join us every Friday for a live music session featuring any type of music – from folk and dhol percussion to electronic and contemporary; mainstream to underground; and well-rehearsed performances to free-jam sessions!