The very charismatic Mai Nimani is a fabulous folk artist from Sindh. Born in a musical family she only started learning music formally from her husband after their marriage. Mai Nimani’s husky voice has both soul and melody and her repertoire consists of Sindhi kalaams of Shah Abdul Lateef Bhittai, Punjabi kalaams of Baba Bulleh Shah and Guru Nanak, as well as Sindhi folk songs which she regularly performs at various sufi shrines in Sindh. She is accompanied by her husband on harmonium and brother in law on dholak. She was part of the “FACE’s Pakistan Showcase at SXSW16” where she got a tremendous response from the international and Pakistani audiences based in the US.



Qawalistan is a project of FACE that brings a blend of traditional Qawali and Western Rock ‘n’ Roll music. This ecstatic fusion of East and West together underscores harmony and peace for humanity. Qawalistan’s repertoire includes century-old traditional Qawali and contemporary Western Rock, bringing an unmatched and eclectic fusion from the current times.

Qawalistan believes in making friendships through music. Capitalizing on the power of Qawali with Sufi lyrics and its enchanting fusion with World Music, the band aspires to spread peace and inculcate harmony to enable more tolerant societies. Qawalistan’s compositions are celebratory and its performances are interactive and electrifying. The band connects with artists from around the world with the goal to investigate and share how well music connects hearts, mends relationships, and bring citizens, cultures, civilizations together.

The band’s Qawali influence is derived from the world’s renowned Qawali Maestro Aziz Mian and his son Imran Aziz, lead vocalist for the band. Additionally, its music ascribes to underscore the diversity of South Asian Qawali through compositions from great Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Sabri bothers and several other maestros that are well-known and celebrated worldwide.

The Rock section of Qawalistan’s music draws influences from Black Sabbath, Deep Purple and Jeff Back. While Guitars and Drums serve as the backbone of its astoundingly rocking musical sets, Qawalistan incorporates chord progressions and original Guitar-riffs in its songs. Its musical arrangements have Rock and Jazz-styled fusion of Drums blended with Eastern percussion Dholak and Tabla that fuels its power pack performances. The Bass Guitar lays out overall tempo, feed the Harmonium and Vocal sections, and also put-forth mesmerizing improvisations with the Vocalists and robust Qawali Clappers for starting, ending and the sum notes. Qawalistan’s melodies reflect authentic Qawali traditions of the East encased in Classical ragas, while the overall musical arrangement has an up-beat Rock countenance to it.

Qawalistan’s repertoire includes Hamd, Naat, Qawl, Manqabat, Ghazal, Kafi and Instrumental music. The Instrumental numbers have separate Eastern Classical and Western Rock sections that incorporate rich and heavy jamming of Lead and Bass Guitars with Drums and Percussion.

Each project culminates in a CD produced by FACE in collaboration with the Embassy of Poland in Pakistan.

Wahid Allan Faqir FOLK

Wahid Allan Faqir is an extremely energetic and colorful folk singer hailing from the town of Rahimyar Khan South Punjab in Pakistan. Wahid comes from a family of folk bards who used to recount the love poetry of the Sufi Saints on the one stringed instrument known as 'Kingh'. Using his poetic knowledge Wahid found inspiration from his mentor, the late legendary Allan Faqir of Sindh, and fashioned his style after him to the extent of even using his name. Wahid adheres to the simple lifestyle of a Sufi Dervish and has also influence of Baluchi Folk in his singing. His unique singing and dancing style, with his peacock tailed turban always promises to entertain and connect with the audiences. Wahid was part of the “Pakistan Showcase at SXSW16” presented by FACE, He became an instant hit amongst the international and Pakistani audiences In the U.S. Based on his successful performance at SXSW, Wahid was approached by the Pakistani community in the US to do a three months long tour ,Wahid was accompanied by Mai Nimani on this tour.


Woman & Savages INDIETRONICA

Woman & Savages is an Indietronica band, which also dabbles in trip-hop, indie rock, folktronica, psychedelic rock, and indie-pop. Their music is a combination of electronic and instrumental music, and their content focuses on a variety of themes, including philosophy, ideology, emotions, fetishism, feminism, domestic issues, discrimination, and kalopsia. The band is a huge advocate for genre fusion, and often experiments with a wide variety of instruments as well. Their base instruments are electric guitars, keyboards, synthesizers, bass guitars, drums, and drum machines. The band derives inspiration from bands such as Radiohead, Arcade Fire, Beck, Arctic Monkeys, Jack White, Bon Iver, and Glass Animals.

Woman & Savages is a four-piece band, comprising of one sophisticated woman, and three generally well mannered men.

Current Line-Up

  • Gemma Newbury – Guitar/Keys/Vocoder/Backing Vocals

  • Pedro Scalamandre – Bass/Guitar/Backing Vocals

  • Deckard “Deck” Smith-McMurphy– Drums/Drum Machine/Backing Vocals

  • Adil Azhar Bhatty – Vocals/Guitar/Keys

Wild Mangoes Classic Rock (Covers)

The Wild ManGoes is a Hungarian - Pakistani rock n roll band formed in March, 2015. The group plays all-time hits from Europe, Hungary and Pakistan, music from the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s. Its mission is to entertain open-minded people and give them wonderful time and fun.

The concept behind Wild ManGoes is to promote cultural diplomacy, which contributes to build human-to-human interaction between the people of Hungary and Pakistan.

Current Line-Up

  • Muqeet Khan (Vocals)

  • Zeejah Fazli (Lead Guitars)

  • Attila Kocsis (Rhythm)

  • Ali Tahir (Bass)

  • Sándor Mihálkó (Drums)